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Company profile

PORR AG. Success through intelligent growth.

  • Production output (2020) EUR 5,185 m
  • Order backlog (2020) EUR 7,067 m
  • Ø Staffing level (2020) 20,193


The PORR Group is one of the largest Austrian construction companies and one of Europe‘s leading infrastructure specialists. On the seven stable home markets of Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania — PORR generates around 96% of its production output. As the oldest listed company in Austria it has been traded on the Vienna Stock Exchange for more than 150 years. Today it is listed on the prime market segment.

Group Executive Board

Investment Story

Strong tailwind from 6% market growth
in home markets until 2025

  • Total contractor as USP - ready for megatrends
  • Need for infrastructure
  • Growing cities boosting building construction

Competitive advantage by strategic evolution

  • Goal: Market leader in sustainability
  • Integrated approach in construction
  • Streamlined operations for optimised value creation

Profitability increase to ~3% EBT margin until 2025

  • Improvement visible in margins and costs
  • Operational excellence on every level
  • Optimised financial profile




Key performance indicators

in EUR m 2020 2019 2018
Production output 5,185 5,570 5,593
Order backlog 7,067 6,298 7,100
Order intake 5,905 5,437 6,326
Revenue 4,652 4,880 4,959
EBITDA 131.4 216,2 219.5
EBT (51.0) 37.4 88.1
Ø Staff 20,193 19,828 19,014


Share chart

Production output 2020


(in EURm)



Shareholder structure

Aktionärsstruktur EN

Syndicate (Strauss Group, IGO Industries Group)
Free float (thereof 4.34% Heitkamp Construction AG and 2.92% PORR Management and treasury shares PORR AG)

Sustainable investment



Financial calender