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Annual general meeting


141th Annual General Meeting of May 27, 2021

virtual annual general meeting without physical presence of the shareholders

27.04.2021 Convening of the 141th Annual General Meeting
27.04.2021 Yearly Financial Report 2020
27.04.2021 Separate consolidated non-financial report
27.04.2021 Agenda for the 141th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders’
27.04.2021 Proposals for resolutions of the Management Board and the Supervisory Board on items 2 to 8 for the 141th Annual General Meeting
27.04.2021 Remuneration report for the financial year 2020

Statements of the candidates for election to the Supervisory Board with regard to item 6 of the agenda pursuant to Section 87 (2) AktG, including their respective curricula vitae

27.04.2021 Report of the Management Board regarding the Management Board´s authorisation to exclude subscription rights (Ausschluss von Bezugsrechten) in connection with the sale of treasury shares (Sections 65 (1b) and 153 (4) AktG) with regard to item 7 of the agenda
27.04.2021 Report of the Management Board in in accordance with Section 170 (2) in conjunction with Section 153 (4) AktG with regard to item 8 of the agenda
27.04.2021 Comparison of Section 4 of the Articles of Association
27.04.2021 Information concerning the organizational and technical requirements for participation in the 141th Annual General Meeting
27.04.2021 Form for granting a proxy to the special voting proxy holders pursuant to Section 3 (4) COVID-19-GesV
27.04.2021 Question Form
27.04.2021 Revocation of Proxy
27.05.2021 Voting results for the 141st Annual General Meeting




140th General Meeting of May 28, 2020


139th General Meeting of May 29, 2019






Extraordinary General Meeting on October 29th, 2014

General documents:

Documents related to TOP 1 and TOP 2:

Documents regarding TOP 1, which have been published on September 26, 2014, on our homepage in section Spin Off ( pursuant to article 7 Spin-off Act (SpaltG) and article 17 SpaltG together with article 221a Austrian Stock Corporation Act (AktG):