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Consciously promoting sustainability.

Today, the exhaustive survey of questions and challenges regarding future sustainability and security is part of every professionally designed and responsibly implemented construction scheme. In an inter-disciplinary and effective way, the Sustainability Group combines the areas of sustainability in building construction and civil engineering, building physics, preventative fire protection as well as renewable and alternative energy sources.
Together with our accredited auditors and consultants for the DGNB family (DGNB, SGNI, ÖGNI), LEED, BREEAM, TQB, Minergie, SNBS or klima:aktiv, we accompany your project from the very beginning of the design stage.
Long-standing building-physics-related experience in the area of noise and thermal insulation, room acoustics, emission and immission protection, quality control or the dynamic simulation of comfort or day light help optimising your project from the very start.
The use of state-of-the-art methods combined with solid figures based on experience in the field of preventative fire protection design yields security and predictability for your project. 
Energy efficiency and services related to it become more and more important. Apart from the conceptualisation and execution of renewable and alternative energy sources, the Sustainability Group possesses a great base of experience as well as current accreditations in the framework of the Austrian Energy Efficiency Act as well as the German Energy Services Act.

Selected projects.