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Specialist civil engineering

Safe and sound.

Specialist civil engineering is a job for real specialists with a heightened sense of responsibility. After all, every construction project needs a solid foundation that does justice to the properties of the soil as well as the planned purpose of the structure.

In this field PORR offers every common solution with state-of-the-art technology. Careful planning and precise execution by an experienced team give a sense of security not just for clients, but also the future users. 
PORR’s range in Specialist civil engineering includes:

  • Diaphragm walls: In-situ concrete diaphragm walls or sealing walls with thicknesses of 40 to 150cm, using gripper or milling methods
  • Large bored piles: with diameters of 60 to 150cm piped and 40 to 120cm using CFA process
  • Retaining walls for securing construction pits and for hydraulic engineering at depths of up to 26m
  • Thin diaphragm walls as sealing walls up to 30m deep
  • Soil mixing as an element for sealing and deep foundations as well as for excavation security
  • Anchors: prestressed temporary and permanent anchors as strand anchors or bar anchors up to 1,500kN and lengths of over 100m, jet grouting for deep foundations and/or rebuilding foundations on new constructions or existing buildings
  • Micropiles: deep foundation elements with individual load-bearing capacities of up to 1,500kN
  • Nail walls: back-anchored shotcrete shells for stabilising construction pits or slopes
  • Hardening, sealing and elevation grouting


Selected projects.