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Press release

PORR to build modern residential complex at Vienna’s Nordbahnhof

Vienna, 01.10.2020 – PORR’s services as a general contractor have been called on once again as it secures a new building construction contract in the second district of Vienna. The project Nordbahnhof construction site 8b borders Bruno-Marek-Allee and was put out to tender by project companies of UBM Development and KIBB Immobilien. In a period of 25 months, here PORR will realise attractive homes as well as retail and office space.

Rendering of the residential construction project at Nordbahnhof construction site 8b

Rendering of the residential construction project at Nordbahnhof construction site 8b


© UBM Development AG

“Where the Nordbahnhof station used to stand is now a key development area. We are striving to make a living space that’s as diverse as possible and this requires high standards of comfort combined with sustainable solutions. At the same time, we are creating a space worth living in right in the heart of Vienna”, said Karl-Heinz Strauss, PORR CEO.

The project Nordbahnhof construction site 8b consists of five components (K1-K5) with a total of six buildings connected by a shared basement. PORR will use prefabricated parts when realising the project in order to make the construction process as streamlined and efficient as possible. By 2022, around 360 apartments will be in place on the site. In addition, the base of the residential buildings will be home to inviting office and retail space that will fit neatly into the overall concept of Vienna’s Leopoldstadt.

Urban living in the great outdoors

On the site of the former Nordbahnhof station, around 10,000 new apartments will be built by 2026 along with space for 20,000 employees and the corresponding infrastructure. The structural development plans have already been approved for more than half of the 85-hectare plot. By concentrating the diverse buildings on the edge of the urban development area, there will be space in the centre for green areas and open space of around 10 hectares. Attuned to nature, this design will create a habitat for many different types of plant and wildlife. In addition, outdoor facilities such as playgrounds and sports fields are planned at other points on the site.

Facts and figures at a glance

Type of project:

New construction of a residential complex bordering Bruno-Marek-Allee; the ground floor will provide retail space and the first floor will house offices

Scope of services:

General contractor (turnkey)


Project companies owned by UBM Development and KIBB Immobilien


PORR Bau GmbH – New build 2

Project duration:

25 months


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