PORR Group

  • Motorway M6, Hungary Lupe
  • Railway tunnel Lötschberg, Switzerland Lupe
  • Soccer stadion Salzburg, Austria Lupe
  • Powerplant Kaprun, Austria Lupe
  • Bridge Bennewitz, Germany Lupe
  • Residential neighbourhood Philippine Innsbruck, Austria Lupe

Modern, international, trailblazing

With over 13,000 staff and production output of around EUR 3.5bn (2015), the PORR Group is one of Austria’s largest construction companies and a leading player in Europe. With numerous offices across Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, PORR has been involved in realising trailblazing construction projects. Furthermore, PORR is expanding into international markets in the Middle East, priority Qatar.

PORR’s services cover everything from residential construction through to complex infrastructure projects in every sector of the construction industry.

PORR guarantees its clients that projects will run perfectly from the planning phase right through to the handover, while at the same time ensuring high profitability. The PORR Group is also highly committed to its shareholders, as reflected in the corporate philosophy centred around sustainable, long-term growth.

Comprehensive expertise, a thirst for innovation and a willingness to keep on learning and improving – these factors are the basis for PORR’s top quality performance. The company’s edge is further enhanced through national and international partnerships. 

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Designing the future

As an international construction group, PORR makes a lasting mark on our and our children’s environment. This is why across every area in which it operates PORR not only focuses on expertise, skill, dedication, precision and quality, but also on sustainable growth in both earnings and value. This enables the company to make an important contribution to greater quality of life for everyone – both today and in the future.

Powered by PORR

With PORR the perfect realisation of projects is guaranteed. It is not order volumes, project size or revenue which are at the centre of it all, but instead the needs and satisfaction of the clients. It is these customers for whom PORR, together with its staff and partners, gives its all every single time. This creates the levels of trust on which the success of the PORR Group has long been built.

Employees and workers are the PORR Group’s most valuable resource. In addition to ongoing training and education, the company offers exemplary working conditions, ensuring that their expertise is always state of the art. The personal efforts of these staff members yield a top performance every day for customers, partners and shareholders.

State-of-the-art developments, design, solutions and execution, driven by the staff’s dedication: that’s PORR

Efficient organisational structure

At the head of the Group is a strategic holding with a few divisions, under which the operational company Porr Bau GmbH is positioned.
The construction business today is divided into permanent business and project business, as each of the business models requires an individual organisational form and its own market access. The PORR business will continue to be subdivided into home markets and project markets. In recent years PORR has significantly reduced its commitment to the CEE/SEE region, with the exception of the home markets of Poland and the Czech Republic, and only works on specific, large-scale infrastructure projects. As a result, the activities in the region will be managed by the project unit BU 3 – International. The increased commitment and excellent market opportunities in Germany have led to the establishment of its own dedicated business unit.

Powerful Business Units

Business Unit 1 – Austria/Switzerland/Czech Republic: building construction, civil engineering, structural engineering, foundation engineering, large-scale building construction projects and the raw materials business in these markets and various equity interests (incl. IAT, BOMA and ÖBA).
Business Unit 2 – Germany: project business in building construction and civil engineering as well as foundation and structural engineering.
Business Unit 3 – International: Poland, the Nordic region, Qatar, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, UK and other future target countries; expertise in tunnelling, railway construction (including slab track system and
Austrian rail construction) and bridge construction.
Business Unit 4 – Environmental Engineering, Healthcare & Services: the activities of PORR Umwelttechnik and its equity interests: Prajo, TKDZ and PWW, hospitals, PORREAL and STRAUSS Property Management, Thorn, ALU SOMMER, PPP projects and real estate.